About Me

Lochan Upadhyay is a young contemporary artist from India. His major interest lies in making objects out of objects (mostly waste from consumer products). He performs sometimes like mannequin wearing these objects and sometimes-straight objects in his performative photographs. Lochan is working in different mediums to explore his fascination for the waste produced by consumers and the consumer culture. His sculptures cum objects deal with a raw and unpolished medium and creates question between art object and non-art object, how value adds to an object the moment it gets placed in the institutional context. Lochan is also associated with Sandarbh a non-Profit artists initiative that provides context for artists to explore new and untouched rural context. Lochan's sculptures/objects are a byproduct of his rural and urban experience. His studio at Partapur (a small village in south of Rajasthan) is the main lab for his ideas crossing the urban-rural boundaries. His nomadic home shelters or what he calls Ghumakkad Ghar are the kind of design of temporary shelter or mobile house for nomads. He himself is a nomad and his nomadic life gets reflected in these Mobile homes. One of his projects is awarded by FICA Public art Grant and got shortlisted for the International Award for Public Art. His works got major attention in Paris, France and Wiesbaden, Frankfurt Germany in Europe. His works have showcased in the Tel Aviv museum, the Art Plural Gallery in Singapore, USA and Korea. Lochan presently lives and works between Partapur and Vadodara.